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Weight: 142 g / 5 oz

Price: $8.99 per Bar 


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Green Clay, Comfrey Root Powder, Paprika and Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Clove, Rosemary, Eucalytpus Essential Oils and Orange & Tropical Scent

Down to Earth Collection

  • Our Down to Earth collection premium soap bars are made using all natural saponified vegetable oils and the invigorating essential oils. This collection provides the skin benefits of its natural and moisturizing ingredients in these wonderful aroma decorative swirled bars.


    Description per bar are listed below:  


    Double Mint Blue Swirl: provides the skin benefits of its natural ingredients.  Made with coconut,  palm, canola, sunflower oils.  We added peppermint and spearmint essential oils to moisturize your skin and awaken your senses.


    Cedarwood & Spice Brown Swirl: let you lose yourself within the intoxicating aromas of warm spice and woodsy aroma! It is made with coconut, canola, palm and olive oils with comfrey root powder and an essential oil blend of cedarwood, patchouli, rosemary, lemongrass and clove bud. This soap bar is both masculine as well as perfect for anyone looking for a warm and spicy aroma!


    Lavender Bergamot Lilac Swirl: is a lovely, light-coloured premium soap bar that is made with coconut, palm, canola and sunflower oils which are natural and moisturizing, along with the soothing scent of lavender and bergamot essential oils.


    Espresso Bean:  is a wonderfully decorative soap bar that possesses the rich aroma of Dark Coffee with a shot of Tahitian Vanilla that will warm your senses! This Premium Soap Bar is made with all natural saponified vegetable oils and fresh ground coffee that provides exfoliating and deodorizing properties while being wonderfully moisturizing for your skin.


    Clay, Shea & Lemongrass: is a premium soap bar that provides the skin benefits of its natural ingredients in a wonderfully decorative bar. Made using all natural saponified vegetable oils, Shea Butter, and Kaolin Clay, this soap bar is scented with the fresh aroma of Lemongrass Essential Oil.


    Citrus Energy Swirl: This Citrus Energy Swirl Soap Bar is the perfect energizing soap bar to wake you up in the morning and make sure your skin is ready to go! This Citrus Energy Bar Soap is complimented by orange peel granules and a fiery orange swirl that will get you pumped up for the day!


    Coconut Mango:  This premium soap bar smells juicy and tropical just like a pina colada with a mango twist, making it the perfect soap to whisk you away to your own fragrant tropical oasis!


    Clay & Shea Fresh Mint Green Swirl: provides the skin benefits of its natural ingredients. it is made with coconut, palm, olive oils, shea butter and french green clay with the wonderful aroma of peppermint & spearmint essential oils.


  • Ingredients used with their benefits per bar:


    Coconut Oil: is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener.


    Palm Oil: restores hydration to dry skin, preventing further dryness by sealing in moisture.  The antioxidant properties of Palm Oil boost immunity and delay the onset of wrinkles.


    Sunflower OIi: will add a more stable lather, conditioning, and a silky feel to soap.


    Canola Oil: its an anti-oxidant that will help to protect your skin from free radicals, it also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help to combat premature ageing and soothe dry, irritated skin.


    Olive Oil: is a base ingredient due to its deeply moisturising and nourishing properties. It helps to relieve dry skin and soften wrinkles.


    Shea Butter: is naturally high in vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in butterfat, which makes it the perfect moisturizer. Vitamin E, which is beneficial to the skin, is found in abundance in this soap. it has a creamy smooth texture that is nourishing for the skin.


    French Green Clay: is used for exfoliation, pore-tightening, and oil-absorption. We added spirulina which is derived from algae and is also very rich in nutrients for your skin.


    Comfrey Root Powder: works to regenerate new cell growth, heal wounds, and soothe skin. Comfrey leaf provides the soap with many healing skin properties.


    These are the essential oils used:


    Lavender: is soothing, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it valuable for many skin types.


    Eucalyptus: has antiseptic and healing properties.


    Rosemary: is another ingredient added due to its antiseptic and rejuvenating properties.


    Spearmint & Peppermint: has anti-microbial & astringent properties, is cooling & calming, as well has a sweet-smelling fragrance.


    Patchouli: acts as an insecticide, antifungal, or antibacterial agent. It also treats skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, or dry, cracked skin.


    Lemongrass: has astringent properties that help reduce the look of oily or greasy skin.

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