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Susan Bourck

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. I graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration and managed and ran my own businesses throughout my career.  Throughout my childhood, I grew up with herbs and natural medicine which gave me the passion I have today in helping others the NATURAL way.

My creativity is seen through my novelty and natural soaps and make any type of soap for any occasions.  I am the founder of the Soap Shop with the inspiration of my mother, Linda Gauvreau and my aunt, Lucy Raymond. With all our knowledge, we decided to open this small family online soap business plus spend time with each other.

Entrepreneur and Founder of The Soap Shop

Linda Gauvreau

About 20 years ago I took a wonderful course with Jan Benham on How to make Cosmetics.  I started by making face creams for family and friends and today I have a collection of creams that can be used on Acne, Youth, Sensitive, and Mature skin types. 


Years later, I took a course on herbs and became a Phytotherapist which helped to better understand the impact of herbs on the body. I am now specializing in facial creams, lotions and therapeutic blends use my line of essential oils.


Lucy Raymond

WOW !!! What a journey this has been. I barely remember the why and how I got into Cold Process Soap making, but surely it revolved around "It was practical and open for endless growth".  In the 80's, it was also too hard and time consuming with little certainty the final product wouldn't peel your skin off LOL, so it went back on the shelf.  


Speed ahead 20 years and my Kindle rekindles an old spark. So began the love affair, mixing and asking what if, and oh so loving the beautiful nature scapes that resulted, plus these beauties made a visible difference in your skin, making it feel nourished and soft as silk. I was hooked.


In 2015 Sue says "Put on your aprons ladies - We're doing this!!!" we have never looked back. Most of the time I'm scared to death of not being able to keep up as the learning is endless and exciting. Bringing these precious raw materials to people has really captured my heart, and if we can add a little art and adventure - Bonus !!!

My Naturopathy courses birthed the beautiful Bath Bombs products you'll see on our site. The single most sane thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to hop into a bath - something that soothes mind, body and soul.  I am no stranger to how difficult that simple act can be.  So these bath bombs were developed to lure you into a simple love affair with yourself - complete your well being in every way, no bells, no whistles.

A Naturalist at Heart

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