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Take the time to visit our natural products. We specialize in homemade natural and novelty soaps for all occasions. We also have a complete collection of facial products for every skin type and a great selection of essential oils and diffuser blends. We are here to take care of you and all of your families needs.


Spring has finally made its entrance, and along with it, our flower collection has flourished. Crafted with various soap bases including triple butter, goat's milk, shea butter, and glycerin, these beautiful flower soaps are infused with scents that mimic the aroma of real flowers. Trust us, they smell absolutely incredible!

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A great start to clean your face properly and to moisturize

every day.

$5 off on any Facial Kits

Are you taking care
of your face? 

If you're new to skincare, we provide excellent facial starter kits. Each kit comprises a cleansing lotion, a silicone pad for facial cleansing, and a moisturizer tailored to different skin types. Additional facial products will be included based on the chosen kit tier, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, to Platinum.

Our facial moisturizers have

been offering skincare for

three generations.

Take a look today!


milk bath image#3.webp
Try one of our Combo
Bath Soaks today!

Have you ever tried
Bath Soaks?
Imagine bathing in the style of Cleopatra.

Our Milk Bath & Bath Teas offer a
sensory bathing experience like no
other. The milks not only provide gentle exfoliation but also nourish your skin
with their rich properties, which your
skin will readily absorb.

The natural dried flowers and herbs are sourced fresh from nature, eliminating
the need for essential oils. You'll directly benefit from the plant parts, particularly the petals, ensuring a truly natural experience.

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