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Take the time to visit our natural products. We specialize in homemade natural and novelty soaps for all occasions. We also have a complete collection of facial products for every skin type and a great selection of essential oils and diffuser blends.


We are here to take care of

you and all of your families needs.

       Welcome to         The Soap Shop

Fall Diffuser Blend

Fall has arrived


Who doesn't love the smell of

oranges and pumpkins? Check out our Fall Diffuser Blends that will make your house smell like

Fall has arrived.  


Click the button below to see all the blends we have for you.  

Foot Care

Treat yourself - Pamper your Feet

It is important for our clients to

follow good foot care guidance in order

to prevent problems or treat any

arising or existing issues.


While foot problems can occur

at any age, they increase as an

individual gets older. Look at our collection by clicking on

the button below.