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Take the time to visit our natural products. We specialize in homemade natural and novelty soaps for all occasions. We also have a complete collection of facial products for every skin type and a great selection of essential oils and diffuser blends. We are here to take care of you and all of your families needs.


Celebrate Father's Day with our specially crafted soaps, designed to pamper and delight the dads in your life. Each soap in our collection is infused with rich, masculine fragrances and nourishing ingredients, making it the perfect gift to show your appreciation. Treat your dad to a luxurious experience that he'll enjoy every day with our premium Father's Day soap collection.

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Happy Father's Day
Diffuser Blend

Try one of our masculine

diffuser blends for the month

of June.  Whether you want to create a masculine and revitalizing environment in

your home or office. Our

Manly Blend or Man Cave is

the perfect choice. Simply

add a few drops to your diffuser and enjoy the natural,

energizing aromas that

this trio has to offer.




immune booster with a

SPA like scent

Birch and Vetiver

smells like a rain forest


a favorite for all ages

Peppermint / Menthol

very uplifting and sure to clear your sinuses

Shower Fizzy Gift Set
are a great choice for June

This season's variety pack is built

from the request of one of our

returning customers. It comes with 3 shower fizzies and has a plastic holder

to put in your shower.  It has a variety

of scents listed below:


Shower Fizzies tantalize your senses

each time. The scents and the aromas provide the most pleasant experiences, and they can last more than 1 shower,

  the factors include - how much water is hitting the Fizzy, the pressure of the

water and the duration of the shower.

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