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Size: 75 ml / 2.5 1 fl oz


There are 5 different essential oil bottles 15 ml each that are part of the Starter Kit Collection.

Essential Oil Starter Kit

  • This is essential oil starter kit is great for someone that is starting to collects these oils.  We have included the top 5 best sellers and some diffuser recipes that can get you started on this natural journey.  


    Many people believe essential oils have a soothing effect and can contribute to a person's general well-being. There are three ways to use essential oils: inhaling, applying directly to your skin, or ingesting. However, ingesting essential oils is not recommended without speaking to a healthcare professional first.


    For inhaling, add a few drops to a tissue or dry towel and breath in the scent. Or, you can choose to use a diffuser, which breaks down the oils into particles before misting them into the air.


    When applying essential oils to the skin, be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil first, such as Almond, Jojoba, or Grapeseed oil. You can also add some drops to your bathwater. (add the oils to the water after it has filled the tub.)


    Essential oil blends are easier for beginners as they were already crafted for a specific purpose, such as making homemade natural products like deodorant, soap lotions, etc....  . You can also use these essential oils to create your own combinations. However, this may require a little research beforehand.


    (Note: If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to check with a healthcare provider first before investing in essential oils. Some are safer than others.)

  • These are the essential oils used and their benefits.


    Orange Sweet: Creates a happy, relaxed feeling and is uplighting and a great mood booster


    Frankincense: Its potent aroma can be described as woody, earthy, and spicy with a fruity nuance. its sedative and comforting fragrance is believed to strengthen and invigorate the respiratory system.


    Peppermint: is believed to stimulate circulation and reduce feelings of nervous tension. It's cooling and warming, and has a sweet-smelling fragrance.


    Lavender: has a soothing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it valuable for many skin types.


    Eucalyptus: can help you breathe easier, reduce pain and has a fresh, clean and slightly woodsy aroma.

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