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Weight:  84 g / 3 oz

Price: $3.99 per soap bar

Size: 3.5" height x 2.5 " wide x 0.75 " thick


Ingredients: Glycerine soap base with Christmas Spice Fragrance.

Tall Santa

  • This tall Santa is made of glycerine soap base.  It lathers well and makes lots of bubbles.   This soap makes a perfect gift for the holidays as it can be given to anyone that loves the great smell of Chirstmas. 

  • The ingredients and their benefits:


    Glycerine Soap Base: is made with natural vegetable skincare oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin, making this soap both soothing and cleansing and gives a creamy lather for the skin.


    Christmas Spice Fragrance is a seasonal blend of fresh sweet orange, dark vanilla, and spicy cinnamon & clove, reminiscent of a cozy hearth on Christmas night.

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