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Size:  30 ml / 1.01 fl oz


There are 3 different essential oil bottles 10 ml each that are part of the St.Patrick Collection

St Patrick's Day

  • St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the renewal of nature. As winter comes to a close and spring approaches, life returns to the land around us.


    This trio combo is stimulating & refreshing, it can help improve motivation, strengthen self-confidence, and increase mental clarity. it brings sunshine and light to the mind, body, and spirit, making it perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


    This recipe calls for 3 drops of Basil, 3 drops of Lime, and 3 drops of Fennel.


    Add these drops to your diffuser and don't forget to add the water. It could be used in any room.

  • These are the essential oil used and their benefits.


    Lime:  can positively affect the mood, it can also promote well-being and emotional balance. 


    Basil: It’s a wonderful choice for blends to help relax muscle spasms and tension, reduce minor pain and inflammation. It also strengthens self-confidence and increases mental clarity.


    Fennel: is believed by some to have properties that promote topical healing and possibly internal healing as well.

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