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Weight: 28 g /1 oz

Price: $1.99 per soap bar


Ingredients: Glycerine soap base with Tropical Passion Fruit Fragrance

Fancy Shell Soap

  • This sea shell has a great shine as we add glitter. Its mixed with green, blue and pink soap to create a blend of sea colors.   It's made with a glycerine soap base which lathers well and makes lots of bubbles.  The smell of the tropical fruit makes you want to be near the beach.

  • The ingredients and their benefits:


    Glycerine Soap Base: is made with natural vegetable skin care oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin, making this soap both soothing and cleansing and gives a creamy lather for the skin.


    Tropical Passion Fruit: This sweet fruit sensation is a blend of passion fruit, ripe pineapple with nuances of sugary peach at the base. A truly wonderful scent!

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