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Weight: 70 g / 2.5 oz

Price: $3.99 per Bar


Ingredients: Glycerine Soap Base with Chia Seeds, Cedarwood & Lime essential oils

Cedarwood & Lime Star

  • Our Glycerine Soap with Cedarwood and Lime Essential Oils, enriched with chia seeds, isn't just soap—it's a journey into nature's embrace. Whether you seek a moment of relaxation or want to start your day feeling refreshed and revitalized, this soap provides an oasis of earthly scents and invigorating sensations. Incorporate it into your skincare routine, and let the cleansing and renewing power of nature elevate your daily self-care ritual.

  • Ingredients used and their benefits:


    Glycerine Soap Base: is made with natural vegetable skincare oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin, making this soap both soothing and cleansing, as well as it gives a creamy lather when applied to the skin.


    Chia Seeds: are rich in antioxidants and reduce inflammation and skin damage by free radicals. They are natural exfoliators, remove dead cells and do not irritate the skin.


    Below are the Essential Oils used:


    Cedarwood: help remove excess oil from the skin, so it is beneficial for combination and oily skin but also suitable for normal skin. Cedarwood can be used for minor cuts, acne, and wounds, as it contains antiseptic properties.


    Lime: has antibacterial and antiviral properties which balance oily skin and fight infection. The cleansing properties of lime will awaken your senses and leave you glowing.

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