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Weight: 120 g / 4 oz

Price: $4.99 per Bar


Ingredients: Glycerine Soap Base with Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Fresh Fruit Slices, Chocolate Orchid, Sweet Orange, Bayberry, and Lilac Fragrances.

Soap Ball of Wool

  • This is a perfect gift for someone who knits. This soap looks exactly like a ball of wool and is made with a glycerine base soap. This bar lathers well and makes lots of bubbles. This collection has 7 colors and fragrances below: Love them!  


    Purple - Lilac 

    Blue -Blue Raspberry

    Red - Strawberry

    Yellow - Fresh Fruit Slices

    Brown - Chocolate Orchid

    Green - Bayberry

    Orange - Sweet Orange

  • Ingredients used and their benefits:


    Glycerine Soap Base: is made with natural vegetable skin care oils, oat protein and 20% vegetable glycerin, making this soap soothing and cleansing, as well as it gives a creamy lather for the skin.


    Below are the fragrances:


    Blue Raspberry: (Blue) It's a mix of patchouli, orange peel, sparkling mandarin, coriander leaves, and star anise.


    Strawberry: (Red) is a rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla.


    Lilac: (Purple) has lavishing lilac radiantly blossoms with beautiful buds of sweet rose and delicate lily of the valley.


    Chocolate Orchid: (Brown) is reminiscent of true chocolate orchids, which smell like a fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate.


    Fresh Fruit Slices: (Yellow) A bevy of sweet, succulent fruits. Top notes of citrus and pineapple. Middles notes of peach with nuances of berries leading to a green note at the base.


    Bayberry: (Green) is a nice blend of fir and balsam and delicate spicy undertones of nutmeg and ginger.


    Sweet Orange: (Orange) is the juicy, lively scent of ripe summer oranges

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