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Weight: 113g / 4 oz

Price: $4.99 per soap bar


Ingredients: Goat Milk Soap Base with Wheat Bran & Sleeman Beer

Sleeman Beer Goat's Milk Soap

  • This Sleeman beer soap is made with goat's milk soap base which has a creamy smooth texture that is nourishing for the skin and a perfect moisturizer.  Its is noted that beer is also great as it contains skin softening amino acids which can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. The brewer's yeast in beer acts as an antibacterial agent as well. 


    Once you wash with this soap the beer scent will go away. An excellent choice for senstivie skins.

  • The ingredients and their benefits:


    Goat's Milk Soap Base: is naturally high in vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in butterfat, which makes it the perfect moisturizer. Vitamin E, which is beneficial to the skin, is found in abundance in this soap. it has a creamy smooth texture that is nourishing for the skin.


    Wheat Bran: It deeply cleanses the skin from blackheads, dead skin, and pimples leaving it smooth, supple and clear.


    Sleeman Beer: is a malt liquor straight from the tap combined with some hops, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and apple. It smells like BEER.

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