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Weight: 350 gr 

Price: $11.99


Go Green in the Kitchen


Great little stand-alone gift boxes or match them with other ECO-Friendly gifts. Dishwasher tabs are for those who are looking to be a little more sustainable in their environment, and who want to take a break from swallowing detergent residue from dishwashed items. 



Our original offering is a mixed sampling so you can try all the scents and with popular demand we can move to individual scented packages.



Give a gift all will love to receive, with natural ingredients and the most sustainable packaging possible for headache-free gift-giving. 

Set of 35 - All Natural Dishwasher Tabs

  • Simple to use, simply replace your current pod with one or two of these tabs. If they don't fit in your drawer you can let sit in the base of your dishwasher.

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