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Weight: 85 g / 3 oz

Price: $3.99 per Bar


Ingredients: Shea Butter Soap Base, Pink Himalayan salt, Sugar Rose essential oil

Pink Exfoliating Flower Shea Butter Soap

  • This beautiful flowered soap is made with shea butter and himalayansea salt which is moisturizing and cleansing for the skin. The salt adds extra softness to your skin and the rose oil smells like fresh roses.  


  • Ingredients used and their benefits:


    Shea Butter Soap Base:  is made with 5% Refined Shea Butter along with natural vegetable skin care oils, oat protein and 20% vegetable glycerin, making this soap base both moisturizing and cleansing for the skin.


    Pink Himalayan Salt: offers a light exfoliation that softens the skin and has refreshing and energizing effects.


    Essential Oil: Rose has anti-inflammatory, astringent, toning and rejuvenating properties.

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