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Weight  280 g / 10 oz

Price: $9.95 per Soap


Ingredients: Glycerine Soap Base with Butt Naked Fragrance and Lavender Essential Oil

Nice Bum Soap

  • This nice bum soap is a great novelty soap bar which could be given at any bachelor or bachelorette party or anyone that just loves bums.  Getting clean never felt so dirty with these fun soap! They are made with glycerine soap which will lather well and it makes lots of bubbles.  Comes in 2 different colors and scents below:


    Black Bum Soap - Butt Naked Fragrance

    White Bum Soap - Lavender Essential Oil

  • Here are their ingredients and benefits:


    Glycerine soap base is made with natural vegetable skincare oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin