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Size  43 g (1.5 oz)


Ingredients: Emulsifying wax, Hazelnut oil, Rosewater, witch hazel, Collagen, distilled water, preservative; Vitamin E, Grapefruit extract, Benzoin resinoid, and the essential oils of Cypress, Fennel, and Lemon

Neck Cream

  • For someone looking to make a difference in the appearance of the neck area, neck creams are a great addition to a skincare routine. it is necessary to apply some sort of moisturizing, sun-protecting, and anti-aging products to your neck every day.

    Because the neck has fewer oil glands than the face, it needs slightly more moisture. It is recommended in using your everyday facial moisturizer to hydrate the neck.




  • The ingredients used in this formula are;


    Emulsifying wax, Hazlenut oil, Rosewater, witch hazel, Collagen, distilled water, preservative; Vitamin E, Grapefruit extract, Benzoin Renzoid  and the essential oils of Cypress, Fennel, and Lemon


    Hazelnut oil: Hazelnut oil contains tannins, which are powerful antioxidants. The tannins in hazelnut oil make it an astringent that can help dry-oily skin, cleanse and shrink pores, and remove bacteria


    Grapefruit seed extract: Contains vitamin C and glycerin, it has antioxidant properties, is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, deodorizing, astringent, and antiseptic.


    Benzoin Resinoid: This oil is antiseptic, soothing to irritated skin, and heals wounds and infections. It is a strong natural preservative and a natural fixative.


    Witch Hazel: is an alcoholic extract from the leaves, flowers, and bark of the hamamelis tree, It has healing, anti-inflammatory, and astringent qualities. Excellent in toning skin.


    Collagen: (Matrixyl 3000) is one of the most effective peptides in skincare. These peptides work to mimic the appearance of broken-down collagen, causing the skin to naturally react by producing more collagen.


    Rosewater: helps maintain the skin's pH balance, and also controls excess oil. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin. It also has antibacterial properties


    Vitamin E: Calms, Nourishes, and hydrates sensitive skin. Acts as a moisturizer


    Essential oil:  Cypress is particularly useful for firming the skin on the neck and around the eyes. Cypress oil also helps in the care of  greasy, hydrated, slack, tired and sluggish skin


    Essential oil: Fennel Contains phytohormones which act as natural estrogen, it combats aging problems such as wrinkles, loose skin & cellulite


    Essential oil: Lemon has a fresh, sharp citrus scent that is refreshing and cooling. It is reported that it brightens dull complexions by removing dead skin cells and that it has an effective cleansing action on the skin.

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