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Weight: 70 g 

Price: $6.99 for the pair



Bath Tea - 3 different types of Rose Buds and Petals, Rosehip Powder, plus Oatmeal, Baking Soda, Sea Salts, and Epsom Salt, packaged in a sachet.


Milk Bath - Select your preferred Milk Sachet, Goat or Coconut milk. It includes Oatmeal, Baking Soda, Sea Salts, and Epsom Salts.

Rose Combo - Bath Soak & Milk Elixir

  • Think Cleopatra-style bathing.


    These  Milk Bath & Bath Teas, provide the ultimate sensory bathing experience. The milks provide the gentle exfoliates as well nourishing richness your skin will absorb.


    The Botanicals are fresh from the source - no essential oils needed here. You are reaping the benefits directly from the plant parts (notably petals).


    The Overall Health combo comes with either Goat or Coconut Milk PLUS the Overall Bath Tea sachet.

    We highly recommend they are used in 1 single bathing experience, however they can be used separately.

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    Our Current list of Bath Teas include:

    • Sensual Rose - Multiple types of beautiful rose buds along with sensually scented rose petals 


    • Relaxing Lavender - Relaxing Lavender and Cornflower Petals 


    • Overall Health - Chamomile, Lemongrass, and Spearmint
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