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Weight:  30 gr & 45 gr

Price:      30 gr $2.50,

                 45 gr  $2.99 each

Shapes and Colors may vary given the selection

* The sock is for display only


Ingredients: Goat and Coconut milk, Avocado, Oatmeal, Sea and Epson Salt, Floral Water, including Balsam Fir, Pine and Wintergreen essential oils.

Foot Fizzy (Activating)

  • Our Feet do so much for us and they are the least appreciated.


    Reflexology tells us, our feet are a perfect microcosm or mini-map of the whole body. All the organs and glands are represented in nerve endings in the foot. Ancient texts show people worked on feet by applying slight pressures and increasing blood flow to promote good health. This is why you feel so good after you soak your feet.


    Our Foot Fizzies are made by a Reflexologist using the powers of Essential Oils to activate the healing powers of our own bodies.


    All the Foot Fizzies are antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and astringent in nature, meaning they are ready to help with reducing stinky feet, keeping bacterial fungus from growing, keeping athletes foot at bay, as well reduce the damage done from stress. They are relaxing and uplifting at the same time.


    We continue to grow the line for very specific issues.

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