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Weight: 140 g /5 oz


Dish Soap $7.95 per Bar

Dish Long Bamboo Brush: $9.95

Dish Soap Set (1 Soap, 1 Short Bamboo Brush Glass Bowl and Scrubber Pad) $17.95

Please note: bowls will vary in color. 


Ingredients: Castor oil. Coconut oil, Citric Acid, Lime Juice and Zest, Lime Essential Oil and Tangerine Fragrance.

Dish Soap - Zero Waste

  • Discover a revolutionary approach to dishwashing with our Zero Waste Dish Soap Bars. Our zero-waste dish soap bars are an excellent replacement for liquid dish soap. They are eco-friendly, zero waste, vegan and made with organic ingredients. ✨ Use your dish bamboo brush or natural sponge and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle while ensuring your dishes are sparkling clean—naturally, gently, and effectively.

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