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Weight  126 g /4.5 oz

Price: $6.95 per Crayon Box with 2 soaps


Ingredients: Glycerine soap base with a combination of 8 different fragrances

Crayon Soap Box

  • Kids love to color with Crayons so why not make them as soap as well.  We created a Crayon box where you can add 2 different crayons in it.  These are made with glycerine soap base which lathers well and makes lots of bubbles.  You can choose the 2 color crayon of your choice otherwise ,we will pick 2 crayons at random to fit inside the crayon box.  Below are the colors and scents :

    Red Crayon = Strawberry Fragrance

    Blue Crayon = Blue Raspberry Fragrance

    Pink Crayon = Pink Orchid Fragrance

    Orange Crayon = Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    White Crayon = Spearmint Essential Oil

    Green Crayon = Fruit Slices Fragrance

  • Here are the Benefits and Ingredients:


    This collection has 8 colors and 8 different fragrances.


    Glycerine soap base is made with natural vegetable skincare oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin, making this soap both soothing and cleansing and gives a creamy lather for the skin.


    Blue Raspberry (Blue):  It's a mix of patchouli, orange peel, sparkling mandarin, coriander leaves, star anise, and tonka.


    Pink Orchid (Pink):  has a sensual medley of delicate orchid blossoms wrapped in soft, comforting amber to create a beautiful summer bouquet.


    Lemon Blossom ( Yellow): A fragrant blend of zesty lemon and sweet magnolia blossom.


    Fruit Slices (Green):A bevy of sweet, succulent fruits. Top notes of citrus and pineapple. Middles notes of peach with nuances of berries leading to a green note at the base.


     Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Orange): is the juicy, lively scent of ripe summer oranges.


    Strawberry (Red):  is a rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla.


    Chocolate Orchid (Brown): is reminiscent of true chocolate orchids, which smell like a fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate.


    Spearmint Essential Oil (White): A cool refreshing Spearmint and Peppermint top and middle notes enhanced with sweet vanilla.

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