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Weight: 110 gr / 3.88 oz

Price: $5.99 per bar


Ingredients: Goat milk Soap made with organic Castor, RSPO Palm and Coconut oils, plus Rice Bran and calendula-infused Olive oil for additional smooth and hydrating properties. Scented with fresh Wintergreen essential oil, includes a colourful glycerin embed for fun and slight exfoliating action.

Cold Processed Fall Soaps

  • This soap has a little of everything that is good for your skin plus a fresh outdoor scent bringing fall indoors. It is hydrating soap so you can subtly prioritize self-care by incorporating gentle cleansing and hydration to help guard against the rigors of Autumn’s brisk winds. Give it a try - we are sure you will love it !!

  • Ingredients used and their benefits:


    Made with nourishing Rice Bran, Bubbly Castor, Organic Palm & Coconut oils, and hydrating Goat Milk. Includes a glycerin embed with poppy seeds for a slight exfoliating action.


    Essential Oil: Wintergreen - Used medicinally, Wintergreen Essential Oil is reputed to increase circulation, enhance metabolic function and enhance digestion, promote the body's detoxification, calm inflammation, ease pain, and soothe symptoms of psoriasis, colds, and infections, as well as the flu.

    Fall is the perfect time to get a little Wintergreen into your environment.

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