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Size Range: 60 gr   2 oz

Price Range: $3.30 

Colors may vary in shades of Yellow


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, and a Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Cedarwood Shower Fizzy

C$3.30 Regular Price
C$1.65Sale Price
  • Used in aromatherapy applications, Cedarwood Essential Oil helps to deodorize indoor environments, repel insects, prevent the development of mildew, improve cerebral activity, relax the body, enhance concentration, decrease hyperactivity, reduce harmful stress, ease tension, clear the mind, and encourage the onset of quality sleep.  So why isn't everyone onto this :).


    As for the scent, as you might imagine, since it comes from trees, cedarwood has a woodsy scent. But to describe it this way is a bit of an understatement for this complex essential oil scent. Let's explore it a little more...


    Cedarwood has balsamic undertones and a camphoraceous odor that reminds you of an heirloom hope chest or a good aftershave. This aromatic wood scent can call to mind pencil shavings and fine cigar boxes, both of which are often manufactured from cedar. 



    Even the smallest 60 gr Shower Fizzy can last for multiple (at least 2 or 3) showers. The factors include - how much water is hitting the Fizzy, the pressure of the water and the duration of the shower.


    TIP: Consider using a Shower Fizzy Saver to place your Shower Fizzy on while in the shower, it will save it from being melted from the running water in the base of the shower.

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