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Weight: 95 g / 3.35 oz

Price: $5.25 per bar


Ingredients:  Organic Coconut, Bubbly Castor, and Hydrating Olive & Rice Bran oils. Enriched with Cocoa and Tacuma Butters. The magic potion, Equator Bee Knees Coffee elixir, including the grinds and Vanilla Bean Specs are used as a full strength exfoliate. Lightly scented with French Vanilla and Mint.


  • I wanted to make a soap that matched the richness of it namesake, Bee Kness Coffee from Equator Coffee company. 


    The coffee is extraordinary and it inspired me to make a coffee soap. A quick Google search reminds us of the benefits of Coffee on the skin and so was created Beekness. 


    A gourmet soap with the scent of Vanilla Mocha Mint and deep exfoliating powers.

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