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Weight:  280 + gr

Price: 14.99


Something new and fun for any occasion !!!  Supplies are limited, be the first to get your order in :)



Goat & Coconut milk, Avocado, Apricot Kernal, Grapeseed and/or Sunflower Oils, Oatmeal, Sea and Epson Salt, Floral Water, Vitamin E, and scented oil, Fragrance, Aromatic and/or Essential Oils.

Bath Bombs in Pink Pillow Box

  • These pillow boxes filled to the brim with all our favorite Bath Bombs are such a gifting delight. The bombs are all-natural, with a variety of scents from floral to woodsy. Perfect for any occasion really, but especially nice as that special holiday gift for friends and family, teachers, partners, and don't forget yourself :) !!! 


    This gift plays double duty as the pretty pillow box is sturdy enough to withstand multiple openings and closings and can therefore be reused for other keepsakes or can be regifted :)


    Each of our Bath Bomb scents is an experience on its own, this Pink Pillow contains these menagerie of scents: Victorian Rose, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Green Goddess.


    Take advantage of that healthy soak in the tub, and if bath bombs are not your thing, check out our Bath Teas and Bath Milks for other healthy bathing options.  

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