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Weight:  45 gr,  70 gr,  90 gr

Price: per weight  

  Small 45 gr - $2.99

  Medium 70 gr - $4.99

  Large 90 gr - $5.99


Shapes and colors may vary



Goat & Coconut milk, Avocado, Apricot Kernal, Grapeseed and/or Sunflower Oils, Oatmeal, Sea and Epson Salt, Floral Water, Vitamin E and a scented oil, Fragrance, Aromatic and/or Essential Oils.

Bath Bombs - Eucalyptus (EO)

  • For your enjoyment and experience, we provide a variety of shapes in your order unless you ask for something specific. These Eucalyptus Bath Bombs are made to bring some relief to those achey joints and muscles, to provide the zen of walking into a SPA, as well as leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

    Eucalyptus is also good to  is known to relieve congestion in both the sinuses and lungs.  

    They are made with all the natural ingredients listed and the Eucalyptus essential oil.

    45 gr and 70 gr are our most popular sizes, however some customers who love larger Bath Bombs prefer the 90 gr. No matter what type bath you prefer we have you covered here at  The Soap Shop. 

    See our Bath Teas and Bath Milks for more bathing health and luxury.  

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