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Price: $2.99 each pad

Size:6.5 x 5 x 2cm/2.56 x 1.97 x 0.79"(Approx)


Please note: When purchasing this baby pad, the color selection varies and will be selected  randomly.

Baby Cleansing Pad

  • This baby cleansing pad has a mild exfoliating brush that removes dirt on baby's skin. Great for the entire body very gentle on the touch.  Could be used for applying oil to the baby's scalp.  You just need to wash the pad after use and stick it on the bath to dry.  Saves on washing baby facecloths and ready to use any time.   

  • Here are the Benefits: 


    What it is: This flexible silicone pad massages the entire baby's body gently.  It has soft bristles that is light on the touch for babys with sensitive skin. 


    What it does: This tool uses tiny bristles to invigorate the skin and effectively clean pores, helping to exfoliate and soften the skin.

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