$2.99 per Bag


If you love big fluffy bubbles when you lather up, or if you are a thrifty householder, this soap sac is for you. Paired with an Artisan Soap, it makes a unique and practical gift. 



Artisan Soap Sac

SKU: 1008-Artisan Soap Sac
  • We have limited stock of these fabulous little soap sacs and they shipped on a first come first serve basis.

    If color is motivating your purchase, let us know, we will do our best to match your prefernece. Otherwise they are picked randomly, from the great colors we have available in stock.


    The nature of Cold Procesed Soaps is thier creamy lather. It is often times what makes your skin so luxuriously smooth after using them. This little sac will instantly turn your creamy lather into large fluffy lather. 


    Another great use for this sac is to extend the life of your soaps. The sac will hold all the "ends of soap" that are too small to use effectively  and you can use all the ends till the end.



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