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15 ml (1.69 fl oz)


Ylang Ylang (Canango Odorata)


Consistency: A thin, clear, pale yellow liquid.


Note / Strength of Aroma: A base note with a medium aroma, Ylang Ylang has a sweet, exotic, floral scent that is one of the most sought-after.


Blends well with: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Neroli, Rosewood and Sandalwood


Ylang Ylang

  • Ylang Ylang has a sweet, exotic, floral scent. It can inspire creativity, improve self-worth, and promote a real sense of peace, joy, and inner trust.


    If your desiring more sensual or euphoric emotions, Ylang Ylang can help release romantic emotions as it relaxes the body.


    Go to "Essential Oil Suggestions ' for some ideas on how to use this essential oil.



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