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Weight: 85 g / 3 oz

Price: $3.99 per Bar


Ingredients: Shea Butter Soap Base, Calamine lotion, French Clay, Vitamin E, and Clary Sage essential oil

Sensitive Skin Shea Butter Soap

  • This soap helps with sensitive and extremely dry skin.  This soap is made with shea butter soap base which is both moisturizing and cleansing for the skin.  We added calamine lotion to relieve itchiness and discomfort and vitamin E and clary sage oil have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which are very calming on the skin.


  • Ingredients used and their benefits:


    Shea Butter Base: is made with 5% Refined Shea Butter along with natural vegetable skincare oils, oat protein and 20% vegetable glycerin, making this soap base both moisturizing and cleansing for the skin.



    Calamine lotion: has been used for centuries to relieve itchiness and discomfort from minor skin conditions.



    French Pink Clay: is a rose clay used in this soap that cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and creates an overall refreshed appearance without depleting the skin’s moisture.



    Vitamin E: is known to calm, nourish and hydrate sensitive skin. It acts as a moisturizer.



     Essential oil: Clary Sage has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and is very calming.

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