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Weight: 25 g / .088 oz

Price: $5.00 per package

Suits all Skin Types.


Ingredients: Gold masks have 2 layers of film, charocal film and Gold honeycomb film. The 360 clipping makes the mask cling on to your skin for better absorption! Its a scar reducing,  anti-aging mask everyone needs! 

Gold Carnosine Honeycomb Mask

  • As seen on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV, 24KT Gold Masks leave your skin rejuvenated, glowy, hydrated, and revived.


    This gold honeycomb mask is designed for superior holding and absorption capacities. Like other masks, it hydrates and moisturizes softens fines lines, strengthens the upper dermis. 


    However, it is the carnosine in this product that provides:

    •  acne and scar damage repair
    •  high antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties
    •  stimulates new and fresh skin cells


    Please note: We partnered with an affiliated company to sell SPA products.