Weight: 600 g / 21.16 oz
Approx: 20 baths 


* Bath Bombs Only 


Love Bathing?  The Titanic 600 gr package is your best value. There are over 20 bath retreats waiting for you. For ease and spontaneity, the bath bombs come in different shapes and sizes to match whatever mood or indulgence to are getting ready for. 

Titanic - 600 g

  • Baths are the single most important thing you can do for your health and wellbeing, and if you are looking at this page, you already know this.


    Each Standard Theme is created with a range of scents we think you will enjoy. To be sure we get it right, we included up to 8 different scents in each.


    For the customer who knows exactly what they are looking for,  perhaps 600 gr of Lavender and Rose, we provide them the opportunity to customize there own 600 gr Titantic package, see the How To use Custom section below.


    Standard Themes


    Hippie Heaven: You know the place. This menagerie includes the musky Patchouli with hints of Orange and Frankincense, the subtle Sandalwood topped with a little Vetiver, the serene Frankincense with a touch of sexy Ylang Ylang, the sweet Atlas Cedar and a great big earthy Bear Hug to whisk you away to that time before time existed.


    Oooh La La: Let your mischievous out with these intoxicating scents - Exotic Ylang Ylang with hints of Sandalwood and Rose, Seductive Patchouli and Rose with hints of Lavender and Busty Bergamot, and last but not least, our oozing with playfulness Jasmine and Orange Ginger.


    Seaside Escape: Feel that gentle beachside breeze on your face, smell the fresh Bergamot with drops of Eucalyptus, and sweet Jasmine with calming Lavender and seductive Ylang Ylang.


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