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Size: Varying Sizes 60gr to 120 gr  / 2.12 oz to 4.23 oz

Price: Varying Prices $4.40 to $6.60

Colors may vary in shades of green


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Eucalyptus Shower Fizzy

  • Used in aromatherapy, the cooling and healing scent of Eucalyptus Essential Oil is known to relieve mental exhaustion by boosting circulation, stimulating the mind out of sluggishness and rejuvenating the spirit.


    Even the smallest 60 gr Shower Fizzy is expected to last for multiple (at least 2 or 3) showers. The factors include - how much water is hitting the Fizzy, the pressure of the water and the duration of the shower.


    TIP: Consider using a Shower Fizzy Saver to place your Shower Fizzy on while in the shower, it will save it from being melted from the running water in the base of the shower.

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