Price: $6.99 / $14.99 / $24.99 / $45.99 per kit

Suits all Skin Types.



DIY SPA Kits are a great value. Each kit contains a variety of products (See PROD. INFO) that are good for all skin types. Even the smallest of kits is good for more then one use. We have included instructions, recipes, and additional tips to enhance your enjoyment and use of all the products in the kit.  Go ahead and try one of these kits today, or order your favorites to refill the kit you already have. Either way, DIY SPA Kits are a great way to spend quality time with yourself and or friends. 


  • Starter Kit - It wouldn't be a SPA Day without a Steam and a Mask.


    This little Starter kit is good for all skin types and includes:


    • 1 Facial Steam - Deluxe Menagerie (6 gr)
    • 2 Compressed Paper Masks
    • Floral Rose Water (1 oz)
    • 1 Yellow Kaolin Clay Package (20 gr)
    • Reusable, Biodegradable box in which to keep your reorder items


    Please note: We partnered with an affiliate company to sell SPA products.


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