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Size per Package: 6 gr / .2 oz 


Bay and Lavender: Calming, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory, relieves dry irritated skin.

Rose and Chamomile: Hydrates & soothes fine lines and under eye puffiness.

Jasmine and Spearmint: Anti-aging properties, evens skin tone, stimulates brain function.

Cloves and Rosemary: Stimulating, antimicrobial & antiseptic, Softens, nourishes & rejuvenates any skin type.

Cornflower and Calendula: Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, provides relief and prevention of acne prone skin.


Deluxe Melange: Reap the benefits of all the herbs in our collection. Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory.

Bay & Lavender Botanical Facial Steams

  • Simple and Natural, dried herbs and flower petals (and/or parts) as indicated on the Label. 


    Facial Steams are an excellent way to get rid of fines lines, return glow to dull complexions, deep clean, revitalize your facial area.


    Pouring hot water over the botanicals allows their essential oils to escape into the vapors. In this way, we can reap their benefits of deep calm, cleaned, smooth, and hydrated skin in the gentlest, most natural way possible. 

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