Weight:  6 g / .21 oz

Price: $1.50 per package or 3 for $3.00

Colors vary


Ingredients: Collagen, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, and purified water.

Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

SKU: 1062
  • The area around your eyes is extremely sensitive. If ignored, it can become dry, puffy, dark, and also make you older than your age. But using an eye mask can provide an instant boost of hydration and cooling effect. While you may be using a good eye cream, you may also feel the need for an eye mask too.


    You can try our eye cream which is a daily maintenance product to maintain and protect skin throughout the day. On the other side, this eye mask is like a booster and provides instant hydration and helps with dark circles, lines, and puffiness throughout the year and even beyond.


    This package includes 2 eye patches and is a one time use only.


    Please note: We partnered with an affiliated company to sell SPA products.


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