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Weight: 113 g / 4 oz

Price: $4.95 per Bar


Ingredients: Glycerine Soap Base with Eucalyptus essential oil and Pink Orchid fragrance.

Butterfly in Garden Soap

  • Don't you love the Summewr season.  Butterflies in your garden makes me think of this soap.  This butterfly in the garden soap is made with a glycerine soap base which gives a creamy lather for the skin. We added Pink Orchid as the scent which is the #1 seller.  

  • The ingredients and their benefits: 


    Glycerine Soap Base: is made with natural vegetable skin care oils, oat protein and 20% Vegetable Glycerin, making this soap both soothing and cleansing and gives a creamy lather for the skin.



    Here are two types of Scents:


    Essential oil: Eucalyptus has antiseptic and healing properties.


    Fragrance: Pink Orchid has a sensual medley of delicate orchid blossoms wrapped in soft, comforting amber create a beautiful summer bouquet.

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