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Weight: 30 gr / 1.06 oz

Price: $2.99 per package 


Ingredients: Each package contains 1 whole face, sheet mask, infused with beneficial nutrients such as Rose, Chamomile, Tea Tree to moisturizie, hydrate, whiten, nourish, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Variety of skin types.

Breylee Collection of Facial Masks

  • Is your protective mask chaffing your T Zone, chin and cheeks? If so, these moisturizing face masks are for you. Each Masks contains their own individual healing ingredients to moisturize, hydrate, repair, sooth and repair the skin as needed. While the list of ingredients looks intimidating, once researched you find they all work synergistically to increase skin health.


    These masks are ideal to pamper yourself in quiet moments or to use in your own DIY Spa Day activity with the people in your bubble, kids and adults alike.


    Note: We partnered with an affiliate company to sell SPA products.