Size per Package of 4:  4 x 6 g / .85 oz


Standard 4 Pack Includes:


1 X    Bay and Lavender: Calming, antifungal, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory, relieves dry irritated skin.

1 X   Rose and Chamomile: Hydrates & soothes fine lines and under eye puffiness.

1 X   Jasmine and Spearmint: Anti-aging properties, evens skin tone, stimulates brain function.

1 X    Cloves and Rosemary: Stimulating, antimicrobial & antiseptic, Softens, nourishes & rejuvenates any skin type.

Botanical Facial Steams - 4 Pack

SKU: 1035-4 Pack Facial Steam Std. 4 x 6 g
  • This 4 Pack makes it convenient for you to purchase 4 of the most popular Botanical Facial Steamers.


    For our more experienced customers, it also provides the oppourtunity to Customize your 4 pack with other selections from the entire individual line.


    Guidelines to customize your 4 Pack can be found in the 


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