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Size per Package of 10:  10 x 6 gr / 2.12 oz

The Standard 10 Pack Includes: 

2 X   Bay and Lavender: Calming, antifungal, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory, relieves dry irritated skin.

2 X   Rose and Chamomile: Hydrates & soothes fine lines and under eye puffiness.

2 X  Jasmine and Spearmint: Anti-aging properties, evens skin tone, stimulates brain function.

1 X Cloves and Rosemary: Stimulating, antimicrobial & antiseptic, Softens, nourishes & rejuvenates skin.

1 X Cornflower and Calendula: Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, provides relief and prevention of acne prone skin.
2 X  Deluxe Menagerie: A mix of all the bontanicals in the collection for overall care.

Botanical Facial Steams - 10 Pack

  • Unless you are buying BULK, the 10 Pack is the most economical package and allows you to experience the whole suite of Facial Steamers as well as a little wiggle room for sharing.


    For our more experienced customers, it also provides the opportunity to Customize the quantities of the 10 pack. Since the Standard product gives you at least one of each of our series, you may prefer to have more of one then the other. Guidelines to do this can be found in the HOW TO USE THE CUSTOM SECTION.

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