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Size per Package: 6 gr / .2 oz 


Bay and Lavender: Calming, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory, relieves dry irritated skin.

Rose and Chamomile: Hydrates & soothes fine lines and under eye puffiness.

Jasmine and Spearmint: Anti-aging properties, evens skin tone, stimulates brain function.

Cloves and Rosemary: Stimulating, antimicrobial & antiseptic, Softens, nourishes & rejuvenates any skin type.

Cornflower and Calendula: Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, provides relief and prevention of acne prone skin.


Deluxe Melange: Reap the benefits of all the herbs in our collection. Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory.

Botanical Facial Steams - Individual