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Weight:  60 gr

Price: $3.99


Holiday Ornamental Shape for sure and colors may vary



Goat & Coconut milk, Avocado, Apricot Kernal, Grapeseed and/or Sunflower Oils, Oatmeal, Sea and Epson Salt, Floral Water, Vitamin E, and a scented oil, Fragrance (FO), Aromatic (AE) and/or Essential Oils (EO).

Bath Bombs - Ornamental Lavender (EO)

  • For the holiday season, we integrate an all-time favorite scent in our Ornamental shapes,  Lavender. 


    In your bath, these 60 gr Lavender Bath Bombs are made to bring calm and peace to the chaos of our minds and some relief to those achy joints and muscles, after shoveling let's say :) as well as leave your skin feeling soft and silky.


    Lavender is an extraordinary essential oil and its benefits are wide-ranging. In the bath, it is known to bring calm and ready us for sleep, while increasing the immune response for wellbeing. We make no medical claims here, try it for yourself and see what comes of it :)


    The bath bombs are made with all the natural ingredients listed and Lavender essential oil.


    No matter what type bath you prefer we have you covered here at  The Soap Shop. If bath bombs are not your thing, try our Bath Teas and Bath Milks for other healthy bathing options.  

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